February 05, 2021


Its no lie that when starting to build your home detailing kit, costs can start to pile up. We've put together a list of the top 5 essential tools and equipment we believe to be most useful when starting out.

1- A good quality pressure washer. There are many pressure washer brands out there but for us, Kärcher pressure washers are durable, well priced and perfect for home use. 

2- A good wash mitt. This is the first physical contact you should have with your car during a maintenance wash so its imperative you have a soft, long fiber mitt to do the job. Even better if you get one that retains a high volume of water like our Black Onyx wash mitt.

3- Dedicated buckets with grit guards. You should always have a wash bucket, rinse bucket and wheel bucket, all with grit guards. This will prevent cross contamination of dirt in to a clean bucket and the grit guard will prevent your wash mitt pulling up any grit from the bottom of the bucket.

4- A good set of detailing brushes. These make cleaning the intricate gaps in your bodywork simple. Brushes can come in different styles and shapes, the most important thing is ensure they are soft and wont scratch your paint!  

5- A good drying aid. This can either be a dedicated plush microfiber drying towel or an air blower dryer. Either is fine but very important to ensure you don't leave any water marks on your body work preventing that perfect finish. Our drying towels are perfect for absorbing water from your paint work 


Now obviously these are just our suggestions for essential starter items, but they all need to be used with premium quality products and in the right order. So check out our shop for all your product needs and also check out our past blog posts for tips!

Happy detailing
Team Moonshine