November 04, 2020

Here at Moonshine, we encourage all who love their car to ensure you have a robust, well-practiced and of course enjoyable wash routine. It really is vital to ensure you maintain that perfect shine and that your paint work remains in top condition. There are several good ways to do this and none are particularly right or wrong; it's a matter of personal preference. One thing they all have in common though is to ensure you carry out all the necessary steps of pre-wash before making physical contact with the paint work with your wash mitt. This is because you want to minimise all risks of moving dirt around your paint work, which in turn will cause scratches and swirl marks to appear on your paint. This will always lead to extra work (and expense) in the long run, and additional work that's easily avoidable.

Our Saturday routine for a maintenance wash always starts with a Ripper citrus pre-wash and Froth snow foam. We find the best way to use Ripper is to apply liberally to the lower half of your vehicle. This is where the majority of the grime and bugs tends to build up. Once we’ve applied Ripper and it has dewelled on its own for 2-3 mins, we then apply a nice thick layer of Froth snow foam to the vehicle . It’s worth ensuring you get inside all the wheel arches, deep into the alloys and spokes and even under the rear bumper (and diffuser if you have one). Allow the Froth (on top of the Ripper) to dwell for about 5 mins. As with all detailing products, always ensure none of them dry on your vehicle, and try to avoid applying to hot panels.

Once the 5 mins are up, rinse thoroughly using a hose or jet wash. Again, make sure you get right into the wheel arches and blast away as much built-up dirt from the wheels as possible. You should see a lot of loose dirt and grime being washed away from your delicate paintwork and wheels.

You can get yourself a bottle of Moonshine Ripper, our citrus pre-wash here: Moonshine Ripper Product Page