November 04, 2020

We all know of course that if one thing is going to really set off the look of your car, it’s your rims. Therefore, they deserve just as much attention as the rest of your car, right?!

We always advise moving on to the wheels after your pre-wash, before you move on to the body work. We do this to prevent contaminants or cleaners from the wheels making their way onto clean paintwork. If your wheels are heavily soiled and contaminated with brake dust, apply Moonshine Purge wheel cleaner liberally, allow it to dwell for 1 min and then agitate with a soft detailing brush. Allow to dwell for a further 1 min and jet wash off. You should see a huge difference just from this stage!

Wheely Clean Wheels

If you want to decontaminate your wheels further, Apply Moonshine Purify and watch your wheels bleed out all the iron particles which have embedded themselves into your wheels. Jet wash or rinse off thoroughly. Next, mix up a bucket of Moonshine Flawless shampoo into a dedicated wheel wash bucket and give your wheels a good old wash! We recommend using a dedicated soft wash mitt for your wheels and ensure you never get this cross contaminated with your paintwork wash mitt! Make sure you get right into the spokes (if needed use a wheel brush) and don't forget to get that outside wall of the tyre clean. Rinse off and dry with a microfibre towel. Once all of the above steps have been carried out, apply your chosen wax or sealant as per the manufacturer instructions. Now your wheels are clean, decontaminated and sealed - and you’re ready to move on to the paintwork!