Squaretastic Tyre Gel Applicator

Moonshine Detailing Products

The Squaretastic Foam Tyre Gel Applicator is designed to apply an even layer of our tyre gel, Groove.

It is an open-cell foam applicator with a soft foam bottom and a thicker red handle. The applicator features grooves that ensure product is spread evenly onto the surface of the tyre. The foam moulds itself to the surface of your tyre, preventing dripping and excess product being wasted.

Due to the thin viscosity of many tyre dressings it is often difficult to apply an even layer and things can become very messy. The unique design of this foam applicator ensures there is no product wastage and that an even layer of dressing is applied to the tyre every time.


-          Grooved design

-          Applies an even layer of tyre gel or dressing

-          Stops product wastage