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Rebellion wax is a long-life exterior car body wax, supplied in a premium glass jar, with an impressive combination of deep shine and hydrophobic properties. A highly oiled, medium hardness wax, allows ease of use and even distribution when applying. A small amount goes a long way meaning this jar of wax will last you longer than most waxes!

Extremely diverse: You can remove as quickly as two minutes after application, or allow to cure for 15 minutes. Either way, you'll still get the same ease of removal using a good quality cloth. You'll feel very little resistance when removing, however you'll know exactly where you've missed as you'll see the difference between the freshly waxed paint and the highly visible haze from the applied wax. 

Rebellion Wax has an unique beading quality and quick sheeting effect meaning you'll always be left with perfectly protected paint. 

Rebellion has been developed and proven to last 6 months+ providing a high gloss wet-look and great depth to your paint. 

Remove the lid and enjoy the scent. If you like that, wait until you see the results! Once you're over how good it smells:

1 - Ensure your bodywork is dry and free from contaminants.
2 - Apply a small amount of wax to your applicator pad.
3 - Using the pad, gently spread across the paintwork creating a thin, uniform layer.
4 - Allow 2-15 minuets cure time (due to the nature of this wax, cure time is very flexible)
5 - Dedicate a microfiber cloth for wax removal and use this to remove the highly visible haze.

 Tip: To test your paint protection, pour some fresh water on your bonnet or over a panel and watch the magic happen!

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Jar size: 50ml