Black Onyx - Soft Chenille Noodle Wash Mitt

Moonshine Detailing Products

The Mammoth Black Onyx is car wash mitt made from ultra-soft chenille microfibre to ensure safe, swirl-free washes.

The long microfibre fingers hold huge amounts of soapy water for superior lubrication. They also agitate the vehicle's surface to release dirt particles and gather them between the deep strands. Loosened dirt gathers in the mitt, rather than being rubbed against the paint. 

This ultra-absorbent mitt safely and quickly removes dirt from the surface of vehicles whilst leaving no swirls. 

The mitt has a textured inner to provide superior grip. 

Works perfectly with our PH neutral Shampoo, Flawless.


-          Made from ultra-soft microfibre

-          Soft, scratch-free cuff

-          Provides a swirl-free wash