Bootleg Kit

Moonshine Detailing Products

Our Bootleg kit covers you for more than just the basic car detail.

Included in this kit is:

  • Ripper – Citrus Pre-Wash – 500ml (Powerful pre wash which rips through road grime and dirt)
  • Froth – Snow Foam – 500ml (Important step to prevent rubbing dirt around your paint)
  • Flawless – Shampoo – 500ml (PH neutral car shampoo) 
  • Purify - Iron Out - 500ml (removes and neutralizes iron particles embedded in your cars paint and wheels)
  • Purge – Wheel Cleaner – 500ml (diluted to use right away and tear through brake dust)
  • Quickshine – Quick Detailer – 500ml (Si02 infused spray wax for a generous protection and high gloss)
  • Calibre – Interior Detailer – 500ml (Si02 infused trim cleaner with a matt finish
    • A Bone Sponge (Wash Sponge may vary) -  Thick foam pad covered in fluffy, soft microfiber strands. The microfiber strands gently scrub the surface of your vehicle to remove contaminants, but they will never scratch. The pile is deep enough to allow loose grit to migrate into the fibers rather than be dragged across the paint surface.
    • A triple twisted drying towel - A high absorption rate and superior softness single sided drying towel. The Twisted Drying Towels are engineered with soft triple twisted fibers and offer incredible drying speed to ensure the vehicle drying process is quick and scratch-free. The huge single sided Twisted Towel measures 70cm x 90cm and weighs in at 620gsm.

    • A plush microfiber - A microfiber cloth with a ridiculously soft pile weave. It's ideal as an all-purpose towel that can be used inside and outside the car for polishing, buffing, wipe downs, and quick detailing. Perfect to use with our exterior quick detailer, Quickshine. These microfiber cloths are reusable and machine washable. There are no labels on our cloths to ensure they will not scratch. (Colour may vary)

    Total Kit price £100.50 (if purchased individually)