Calibre - Interior Detailer

Moonshine Detailing Products

Calibre is an SIO2 infused interior dressing, perfect for all interior plastics, trim, and vinyl. You can even use it on plastic trim in your engine bay. It will leave a satin finish that’s non-greasy, anti-static and will leave the interior smelling of freshly cut coconut.

1. Spray directly to the plastic or trim.

2. Spread with a microfibre cloth and buff using a clean microfibre.

Alternatively, spray onto the cloth and wipe onto the surface to be dressed.

 What is Si02 you ask? The SiO2 (silicon dioxide) ceramic coating is the most well known and widely used version of ceramic coating. SiO2 coatings typically provide a slicker surface and deeper/richer color than other coatings.

Bottle size: 500ml