Decontamination Kit

Moonshine Detailing Products

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Focus on the final details with a flawless Decontamination Kit that provides you with everything you need to safely combat iron fallout, brake dust, and ingrained dirt in your wheels and paintwork.

Included in this kit is:

  • Ripper – Citrus Pre-Wash – 500ml (Powerful pre wash which rips through road grime and dirt)
  • Purify - Iron Out - 500ml (removes and neutralizes iron particles embedded in your cars paint and wheels)
  • 2x Detailing Clay Bar - removes surface contaminants on paintwork, glass, metal and more and prepares the surface for polishing and waxing. The clay bar will help to remove: bug remains, bird droppings, rail and brake dust, road salt, overspray, mineral deposits, industrial fallout, acid rain deposits, tar, grease, and oil from the roadway
  • A plush microfiber - A microfiber cloth with a ridiculously soft pile weave. It's ideal as an all-purpose towel that can be used inside and outside the car for polishing, buffing, wipe downs, and quick detailing. Perfect to use with our exterior quick detailer, Quickshine. These microfiber cloths are reusable and machine washable. There are no labels on our cloths to ensure they will not scratch. (Colour may vary)