Detailing Clay Bar (2 Pack)

Moonshine Detailing Products

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Mammoth Detailing Clay Bar removes surface contaminants on paintwork, glass, metal and more and prepares the surface for polishing and waxing.

The clay bar will help to remove: bug remains, bird droppings, rail and brake dust, road salt, overspray, mineral deposits, industrial fallout, acid rain deposits, tar, grease, and oil from the roadway.



Use approximately one third of the clay bar per car. Wash car but leave wet. Flatten clay bar into a circular shape. Using a clay lubricant, such as our Quick Shine - Quick Detailer, glide the clay bar lightly over the surface. When claying face becomes contaminated, fold clay in half and flatten once more to trap dirt and create a new claying face. Continue to work until surface is smooth and decontaminated. Discard of clay when it becomes contaminant laden.

The Mammoth Clay Bar is perfectly suited for application between use of our Flawless - Shampoo and Quick Shine - Quick Detailer, to give that smooth feel and unbeatable shine.