Flawless - Shampoo

Moonshine Detailing Products

Flawless is a thick, rich and highly effective premium shampoo designed to remove dirt, dust and light contaminants from your paintwork. Excellent cleaning strength is combined with high-foaming, whilst also being gentle on previously applied waxes and sealants. It can be used on all types of paint finishes: matt, satin and gloss (because it contains no waxes or polymers).

1. Remove any loose dirt from the vehicle first - we recommend using Ripper citrus pre-wash on any stubborn dirt or road grime and, if you fancy a good Instagram shot, use some Froth snow foam too! Rinse off the vehicle with a hose or pressure washer.

2. Mix Flawless with water at a dilution ratio of 1000:1.

3. Using your sponge (such as our bone sponge) or wash mitt (such as our black Onyx), wash the vehicle from top to bottom. We recommend, for the best finish, using the “twin bucket” method: one containing the diluted Flawless shampoo, and the other with just water to rinse off your sponge or wash mitt in between. Read all about how to wash your car body work here.

4. After washing, rinse off with a hose or pressure washer immediately. As with any shampoo, do not allow Flawless to dry on the vehicle. Dry using our triple twisted drying towel.

 Best used after Ripper (Citrus Pre-wash) and Froth (Snowfoam)

Bottle size: 500ml