Froth - Snow foam

Moonshine Detailing Products

Froth is a premium, high-cling snow foam. Diluted correctly it will provide a dense foam which, after being left to dwell, will run off the vehicle helping to loosen light road grime and contaminants. Froth is gentle on waxes and sealants, and can be used on all types of paint finishes: matt, satin and gloss. It also looks great and is a lot of fun, so don’t forget to get that snap for social media! #Moonshining. Froth can be used on car body work, wheels and tyres. Froth must be used with a lance or spray gun.

For best results use a quality foam lance/gun attached to a pressure washer.

1. Dilute with water in your foam lance bottle using the appropriate dilution below:

Winter/heavy soiling - 5:1 General use - 10:1

2. Fire up your pressure washer and spray onto the vehicle - make sure to play with the settings on your lance/gun to get the best thickness and covering.

3. Allow to dwell for up to 5 minutes, but do not let the foam dry on the vehicle. This is the perfect time to get in your snap for social media. Why not tag us and also add #Moonshining

4. Swap over to your standard pressure washer lance and rinse off with clean water.

Tip: Froth works perfectly with Ripper or Purify. Using Ripper prior to Froth will assist in removing as much of the dirt as possible. Purify prior to Froth is better for removing more ingrained paintwork contamination. Froth is an essential step to your clean which will loosen and remove any road grime and dirt prior to your contact wash with a sponge or wash mitt. If Snow foam is not used, there is a high possibility of introducing scratches in to your paint!


Bottle size: 500ml