Purge - Wheel Cleaner

Moonshine Detailing Products

Purge is a wheel cleaner like no other and is bottled pre-diluted. Non-acidic, with added co-solvent, it will provide enough cleaning power for most applications, but is also safe enough for frequent use. Purge will rip through brake dust like no other wheel cleaner does!

 1. Spray liberally onto the wheel.

2. Leave to dwell for 30 seconds.

3. Pressure wash off (Heavier soiling may require agitation with a suitable wheel brush).

Tip: Use to clean your wheels and tyres. Best used with a wheel brush to agitate Purge once applied. Purify is Purge’s perfect partner in crime, and when used following Purge, it should leave your wheels ultra clean. Only use purge on painted and lacquered wheels. 


Bottle size: 500ml