Purify - Iron Out

Moonshine Detailing Products

Purify is a pH neutral iron fallout remover suitable for use on bodywork, wheels and other painted surfaces. Purify will turn a deep purple when reacting with and removing fallout, brake dust and other ingrained dirt and contaminants.


1. Spray onto the vehicle paintwork or wheels from around 10-20cm distance to evenly spread Purify.

2. Allow to react and turn purple. Do NOT allow to dry.

3. Either cover with Froth and allow further dwell time or thoroughly rinse off with a jet wash ensuring you remove all of the product.


Tips: Use purify on all areas of your car. Iron particles really can be invisible. Imagine this, You're on the motorway and the car in front brakes. Doing this, it throws us an invisible cloud of iron particles from the brake pads and discs. Without knowing, you drive through this cloud and these iron particles and contaminates embed themselves in to your paint. Using purify reacts with the iron particles (which you cant normally see) on your pain, in turn removing and neutralizing. You can see this for yourself when purify turns purple and "bleeds out". The name speaks for its self. It really does purify your paint!


Bottle size: 500ml