Quick Shine - Quick Detailer

Moonshine Detailing Products

Quickshine is a quick detailer created with two important factors in mind: easy application and incredible shine! It offers fantastic gloss and hydrophobic properties, and can also be used as a clay lubricant for paint decontamination and as a glass cleaner all from a liquid spray!

Do not use in direct sunlight or on hot panels.

1. After your two bucket wash method and you've dried your car, Apply Quickshine in a light mist, one panel at a time.

2. Before it dries, wipe using our quick detailing towel, in a straight line, NOT a circular motion.

3. Once you have full coverage on the panel, flip the Quick detailing towel to the other side and buff the panel. This will give you a great level of hydrophobic protection and incredible deep shine.

Quickshine can also be used as a drying aid, applied to a freshly washed but still wet vehicle. Dry with our triple twisted drying towel.

Both methods will produce fantastic results and can last up to 6 weeks, depending on conditions.

For use on glass, apply and remove quickly for a streak free finish. Do not use on your windscreen.


Not to be used as a "water-less wash" Because these don't exist!!


Bottle size: 500ml