November 04, 2020

Moonshine Detailing Products was launched in July 2020 (yes, during a global pandemic!) and is the world's first premium sustainable detailing brand. This isn’t a boring eco-friendly brand with weak products; We have done things very differently. Rather than focusing on making the liquid product more environmentally friendly, we have focused on the packaging. “Cleaning products need to pack a punch to get through the dirt and grime on your car. So from day one, working with a leading automotive chemical manufacturer, we knew our products had to be at the top of their game to compete in a busy industry where passionate detailers demand the absolute best. We weren’t and still aren't prepared to compromise on the liquid cleaning power and finish”.

Moonshine’s products are packaged in sturdy glass bottles instead of plastic, just like the traditional and legendary moonshine liquor industry. They do not cost consumers any more to buy than the existing other top brand detailing products in plastic containers.That’s a strong start for such a premium feeling product, but here comes the real punch: once the bottle is empty, you can either recycle the glass bottle or even better get a refill of your detailing products at Re:Fuel’s venue just outside of Exeter. We’re also currently in talks to make the products and refills available all around the UK.