November 04, 2020

Here at Moonshine, we encourage all who love their car to ensure you have a robust, well-practiced and of course enjoyable wash routine. It really is vital to ensure you maintain that perfect shine and that you ensure your paint work remains in top condition. There are several good ways to do this and none are particularly right or wrong; it's a matter of personal preference. So get your favourite tunes queued up, turn up the volume and crack open your Moonshine Flawless and Quickshine. Try not to get lost in the glorious smells, although it’s worth stopping for a second mid-Quickshine to enjoy that addictive Mango aroma.

Firstly, a two bucket method is a must. For anyone who doesn't know what this is, in short you have a wash bucket with your diluted Flawless shampoo and a second bucket named “rinse” filled with fresh water. Both buckets should contain grit guards. To use this method, you simply put your wash mitt into the bucket of diluted Flawless shampoo, apply to the vehicle bodywork and then rinse your wash mitt in the freshwater before repeating the process in the wash bucket. Do this for the whole wash process of your car's body work. This will reduce the risk of introducing any scratches etc into your paint from dirt stuck in your mitt.

Another top tip - always start washing from the top. Start on the roof, then the upper half of the sides and back and then finally move on to the lower half of your car. This is done because the lower part of your car is by far the dirtiest and contaminated, and will again reduce any risk of introducing imperfections in your paint work. Whilst washing the lower half of your car, we recommend focusing on rinsing your wash mitt in the rinse bucket and remember: rinse often!

We recommend using a high quality plush microfiber drying towel. You can also use a few squirts of Quickshine quick detailer as a drying aid as this instantly repels water and helps to build up the gloss.